Sometimes anxiety feels like a turbulent flight and you’re an economy passenger. There are moments of smooth & calm, like you’re effortlessly gliding through the air. You’re productive, you’re relaxed, you’re unflappable. Then you hit turbulence. Those bumps can come out of nowhere and in varying degrees. They shake you, they scare you, they trap you— no more roaming about the cabin. Instead, you’re buckled in helplessly praying for the turbulence will pass. And quickly.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only passenger on the plane. Others fear the bumps and feel the shakes. You’re not alone. I’m not alone. Yet so often we feel that’s the case.

To combat the loneliness that comes with the territory we wanted to create a community by way of a simple t-shirt. “This is my Anxie(tee)” they read, proudly creating togetherness for all those who suffer. In addition to raising funds for CAMH and mental health research these tees are meant to demonstrate to all those who suffer that you are never, ever, alone.